Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A very fresh bread out from oven..;9

Little IndiaLast Saturday I went to Bukit Bendera early in the morning to catch the train and avoid from long queue to get up the hill. Unfortunately the place was closed for work maintenance, so at the end we decided to go to Penang town.This is my first outing ever, since after i moved to Penang, i request my hubby bring me to places that i never been before. Little India, our first destination. He wanted to let me try the mysore pak,it is an Indian manisan. Again too bad for us, it's still early and most of the shop is still close. Next destination we went to Little ShangHai,Little Shanghai
just opposite of the building, there's a bakery at the corner shop lot catches our eyes. The moment we step inside, i can smell the pleasant aroma of freshly baked bread. The size of the bread are huge and it sell very cheap, so worth it. We decided to dine in, I try the kaya bun and sweet corn cheese bread. I just love the kaya bun so much, the kaya paste really taste different. While we eating, a lots of people in and out to grab the bread, really a good business i can say. Here i manage to capture a fresh bread just came out from the oven, fresh breadi can feel the heat..I adore the bread so much, it's just look so classic. Oh ya, forgot to mention, it is located at Jalan Bawasah, 10050 P.Pinang, if you had chance to go, find the Kedai roti & restoran Continental Bakery and get yourself to taste bread while it's still hot.view from inside the bakery

Next spot, we went to eat cendoi.Im not sure where is it located, all i can remember there is a photo of Phua Chu Kang at the hawker stall. Because of too thirsty i forgot to bring along my camera, oh dear i missed to capture the moment...There are a few cendoi stall there, i notice most people intent to go to the same stall where I am, pity to the other, they need to think of some kind of strategy to attract more people. The cendoi taste good! Some more too much for me and i cant finished it, per bowl its cost about RM1.60, so berbaloi-baloi.

It's getting hot out here, so we decide to go to Queensbay shopping mall, yeh we need aircond. It almost afternoon, but still early for lunch since we had bread and cendoi already. In level 4 there's a fish therapy spa, we passed by a few time and yet always feel so undecided whether want to go and try or not. Finally we make up our mind and go for it, they count me as student price. That's good, i pay less! fish theraphyThis is my first experience, was wondering will the fish going to bite my feet or what. Anyway I can say it was so exciting, so ticklish at first,then just relax yourself and enjoy the moment. After the session you will fill the different, your skin feel smoother, for me it worth it plus the experience and all. So go and give a try ya! Yeh! it's time for lunch. Nice food with good ambiance, at the Golden Triangle, again my first time here. Price expensive, i have to consider this next time and the service so-so. Wow! what a wonderful day today, a bit exhausted but I had a lot of fun!

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