Saturday, August 7, 2010

Very famous in kuching - sarawak

Rojak Sotong
- Fresh kangkong,
blanched alkaline soaked squid-sliced, sambal petis paste, sesame seed.

Laksa sarawak - rice vermicelli served with (prawn, shredded steamed chicken,fried eggs so called telur dada cut into thin slices, blanched bean sprouts, chop coriander leaves, chili-shrimp paste sambal and squeeze a little bit of calamansi juice is a must!)as the accessories to put on top. Pour over the gravy and its ready to eat. I use to buy the instant laksa paste that sell in most of the groceries and supermarket in kuching to cook my own laksa. Usually here they serve for breakfast. Can easily find in any coffee shop during morning time, just make sure dont be too late cause it will sold out by lunch time. I wonder how they made the paste, hopefully someday i will got a chance to learn how to prepare it cause i like laksa sarawak very much. This coming trip to my hometown, as usual will go and eat laksa at my favourite stall located at Jalan Astana, Kuching..err really cant wait...

Mee Belacan - vermicelli-(mee hoon)-soaked. For the gravy use - chopped onions, garlic, chilly paste, dried prawn floss, belacan granules or prawn paste, anchovies powder or floss, chilly paste, tamarind paste. water,fish sauce,brown sugar and salt to taste. Cook for 15-20 minutes. Garnish: shredded cucumber, blanched alkaline soaked squid-sliced, century egg.