Monday, October 25, 2010

Let's have some dessert..

Last night after dinner at home, we decide to have ice cream for dessert. We went to Baskin-Robbins, couple of blocks away from our place. It's always hard for me to choose the flavor. I am not a big fan of strawberry/mint/caramel/green tea flavor.

Kinda boring to choose plain old vanilla/choc/cookies n cream/choc thought of trying something different. Finally, decide to get a couple of scoop of the neapolitan dynamite and the old fa
shioned butter pecan. Opt to have it with the chocolate waffle, hot chocolate topping plus m&m together with whipped cream and maraschino cherry on top. Snapped a couple of photos then notice that it looks like a clown face. I'm having a great time, very satisfied with the new ice cream flavor that i tried!

Here some pictures from me having a wonderful time enjoying everyone favorite dessert.

001 from the local store
002 @desserts
003 @häagen dazs
004 again

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